Delivering high-quality wastewater technologies and solutions through the use of physical, biological, and chemical treatment systems.
Providing long-term value with innovative, budget-appropriate wastewater treatment systems and services.


Creating compliant and high capacity wastewater treatment processes.

Safely and effectively operating wastewater treatment plants, disposal, and collection to improve public health.

SAGR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Developing treatment solutions to optimize water quality, reduce wasted water, and maximize the reusable volume of water.

Developing solutions to optimize equalization tanks, reduce wasted water, and maximize the reusable volume of water.

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Forward-looking solutions to account for future growth of cities and increased inflow and infiltration.

Focusing on safety, flexibility, reliability, and ease of operation for City staff.

Moville Lift Station Improvements | Lakeside Lift Station

Addressing aging sanitary sewer infrastructure by diminishing ground water infiltration into collection systems.

Evaluating collection systems and techniques to address problem areas with substantial inflow and infiltration.

Gilmore City Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation | Sanitary Sewer and Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Managing community water and wastewater treatment systems to ensure permit compliance, treatment optimization, and certified operator training.

Operator Services | Training Opportunities

Wastewater Projects

Ingenuity At Work

3D Scanning

From handheld and free-standing 3D scanning technology to the lastest GeoSlam tools, our design and engineering teams can accurately demonstrate where specific project elements, such as utility piping, structural additions, and soil corrections, are required with greater clarity. Also, this complementary 3D scanning technology saves time and money by helping to minimize change orders and allowing for safe, non-intrusive analysis' of existing structures. If an area or space isn't safe to access, or a different view is simply needed, our 3D scanning tools can take assessment capabilities to a whole new level.

Drone + Thermal Imaging

The key to effectively integrating drone technology is in the team. Our certified drone pilots capture aerial survey photos, quickly model surfaces, monitor any necessary exterior construction, and develop preliminary site plans more efficiently than traditional methods. Whether through thermal imaging technology or high-resolution images and footage, the results support engaged and informed stakeholders, as well as empowered design teams. With the ability to observe complex angles and model surfaces safely, our drone capabilities transform projects and provide a game-changing view of the future.


We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and complementary platforms to drive project efficiency and connect contextual elements to the world around us. Whether that’s through reducing the number of site visits needed or having geometrically accurate spatial and tabular information, our GIS offerings create an efficient and accurate work-cycle for public infrastructure and private partners alike. With a dedicated, in-house GIS team, additional tools such as ArcGIS/ESRI and FieldWire provide an added layer of visibility and accessibility to industry-leading investigation, inventory, and design efforts.

Pipe Crawler

In-depth, investigative services in ditches, pipes, and other hard-to-access areas are supported by our pipe crawling survey capabilities. With seamless integration into design software, we are able to identify and measure critical project elements to a level of accuracy not available with the human hand, while also providing consistent and safe accessibility.