Alec leads with a straightforward approach and is a champion of employee ownership.

Alec excels at strategic decision-making, increasing efficiencies, and meeting client needs. He ensures that ISG remains on solid financial footing that provides clients confidence in ISG’s reliability as a project partner. His leadership style, natural client-centric mindset, and data analysis capabilities directly contribute to a wide range of decisions for the firm, all of which focus on ways to make better and more informed decisions, faster.

Alec’s prior experience assessing business risk, analyzing cash flow, and formulating internal valuations plays a critical role in the firm’s acquisition strategies. He is consistently learning and searching for new pathways aimed at improving daily workflow as well as telling the story behind the numbers.

Fueled by his belief in personal finance, Alec not only owns several rental properties personally, he has been a key stakeholder in navigating ISG’s ESOP sustainability since inception in 2017.

Clifton Strengths
Achiever | Input | Ideation | Learner | Focus