As a leader, Tanya embraces chaos and transforms it with creative solutions.

Managing a bustling household and leading at ISG with the same spirited tenacity, Tanya is the high-energy leader of ISG’s Government and Cultural Business Unit. Tanya handles obstacles much like she navigates the craziness of a packed schedule—head-on and always with a positive attitude.

Tanya has over two decades of marketing and business development expertise in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. She empathetically recognizes community needs, understanding the importance of public spaces, facilities, and infrastructure. By genuinely listening and learning, Tanya works toward achieving each community’s current and future goals.

Clifton Strengths
Activator | Strategic | Individualization | Arranger | Connectedness
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Shared Visions, Shared Spaces: Making Use of Public and Private Partnerships for New Library and Housing Development

Tanya Pierce

New Richmond, Wisconsin is on track to expand its library and housing options through a joint effort of the City, school district, and a private developer.

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