Engineering Services

Dynamic Expertise

ISG has diverse expertise in multiple areas. We have built a team of architecture, engineering, environmental, and planning professionals who offer comprehensive design solutions.

We strategically span geographies to ensure you have the right experts in your corner and a team that approaches each project from the seat of an owner to bring you the greatest value.

Our Services


Our unique design approach brings visions to life by providing the in-house expertise needed to visualize and build environments that enhance and inspire.


ISG engineers solve complex problems with dynamic, client-centric solutions that address critical components at every stage of a project.


Our expertise in environmental assessments and permitting, minimizes the environmental impact of your project and ensures long-term viability and compliance.


Our planning services focus on the big picture, meeting today’s challenges, preparing you for future demands, and building consensus while driving a project to completion.

Applied Tech in Action

360° Tours

Our fast-capture drone photography captures aerial, roof, or ground level imagery to create 360-degree tours that place future development plans in the context of existing spaces, helping you make better decisions faster.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Using geographic information systems (GIS) integrated with Esri software, we develop valuable geospatial mapping tools that enable informed decision-making by incorporating demographic, psychographic, and socioeconomic data into visual representations.

"ISG sets a standard for what it means to create a valued partnership with customers. They are committed to excellence. Mistakes are inevitable, but ISG handles those challenges with integrity and dedication to delivering the desired outcome."

Michael McCoy
Executive Director, Metro Waste Authority



ISG operates as a one-firm profit center. This approach allows us to put together the most effective team for each project, pulling from all areas of expertise to deliver solutions that inspire, excite, and get the job done.

Our 100% employee-owned firm supports collaboration and fosters a deep personal investment in our clients’ success. We take on each client’s passion, perspective, and project as our own.

  • Three-Dimensional Firm
  • Multi-Disciplinary Partner for Success
  • 100% Employee Owned