Matt is no stranger to the finer details of the telecommunications industry where he expertly manages utility projects to ensure efficient coordination.

Matt’s wealth of experience extends to joint use, small cell antenna design review and permitting, pole survey and clearance review, pole structure loading, and make-ready framing designs and estimates. Beyond the desk, Matt is hands-on, providing training and inspections while overseeing the design process. His commitment to quality control ensures projects stay on-schedule and on-budget, consistently yielding high-quality results.

Matt spearheads large-scale projects for investor-owned utilities, including managing joint use permitting, double wood transfer, and pole removal programs. His orchestration of extensive pole audit projects includes challenging Derecho storm cleanup. Matt’s multi-faceted background not only enhances his technical proficiency but also contributes to his talent for establishing relationships that facilitate project success.

Clifton Strengths
Ideation | Learner | Achiever | Strategic | Input