Brian strategically analyzes projects and builds relationships to ensure unique facility and client needs are continually exceeded.

Brian is a personable family guy who excels at building in-person connections. His fast-moving career—from land survey intern to Food and Industrial Business Unit leader—is a testament to his big-picture perspective and relentless drive.

As a dedicated sports dad, Brian’s competitive spirit and team-building tendencies translate to high levels of ISG client satisfaction. He works closely with owners, facility managers, and other project stakeholders to collaboratively create spaces that increase productivity, decrease downtime during construction, and maximize dollars per square foot. Brian has played a major role in ISG’s progress over the years,through strategic thinking and recognizing growth opportunities.

Individualization | Arranger | Analytical | Responsibility | Self-Assurance
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How Air Flow Modeling is Changing Industrial and Healthcare Design

Brian Gjerde, PE

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