Employee Ownership

We own it ALL

Today, that philosophy is evident in everything we do. Our 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) means that every single employee is an owner. Personally invested and fully committed, ISGers are encouraged to operate like we own it...because we do.

Client Benefits

Employee Ownership + Our Clients =
Partner for Success

We believe in the power of passion-driven teamwork.
That teamwork extends to our relationships with our clients.

No one is just a cog in a machine at ISG. On every project our clients work directly with an ISG owner that is accountable and personally responsible for project outcomes.

The result? We approach each project with the client’s best interests top of mind and their projects benefit from the collective brainpower and expertise of a fully engaged team.

What you will get:

  • Better Decisions, Faster
  • Higher Quality Solutions
  • Complete Accountability
  • Growth Mindset

"Employee ownership leads to increased accountability and teamwork because when the company succeeds, we all benefit. Our success is truly in our hands!"

Josh Muckenhirn

Meet the Owners

Learn more about life at ISG and the talent that makes it all possible.

Employee Benefits

We're #Allin

When we say we are #Allin, we mean it. As an employee owner, you will directly benefit from your hard work and our fast-paced culture. But these perks come with a lot of accountability. We set a high bar and expect each other to show up every day with a growth mindset and an eagerness to get it done, together. It isn’t for everyone but for those up for the challenge, it’s worth it.

You won’t be on your own, either. You’ll have the opportunity to work in a collaborative studio environment with project-based mentorship, performance coaching, and career development opportunities.

While you’re building your career, you’ll also be building investment wealth for your future.

Did You Know?

A 2017 NCEO study found being in an ESOP was associated with 92% higher median household net wealth, 33% higher median income from wages, and 53% longer median job tenure.

National Center for
Employee Ownership

The Latest at ISG

Are you properly protecting your employees from arc flash and shock hazards?

Maintenance, testing, and training have always been important elements of a successful facility electrical safety program, but recent requirements ensure they are being implemented according to a standard.

Industry Insights

Creating Learning Options for Water/Wastewater Operators

Public works systems are crucial for community well-being and functionality as they contribute to the quality of life for residents. With an in-depth understanding of regulations, environmental conditions, processes, and procedures, ISG aims to develop strategic partnerships with municipalities and deliver right-sized solutions for their unique systems.

Industry Insights

Making Moves: The Benefits of Relocation

As ISG continues to grow and expand to new geographies, we want to share a few non-traditional benefits that have come with employee owners choosing to relocate. Culture transplants ensure that as we continue to grow, we stay true to our core values, mission, purpose, and culture, which not only benefits ISG employee owners, but our clients as well. This why we encourage relocation across all our locations.

Employee Owners

ISG Celebrates Northwest Arkansas Office with Grand Opening

ISG, an architecture, engineering, environmental, and planning firm, celebrated their new Arkansas location with a grand opening event on March 13.

Press Releases

Navigating the MS4 Permit Program: How ISG Supports Communities Every Step of the Way

The management of stormwater runoff is a pressing concern for cities across the nation, and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit program is a critical framework designed to protect water quality and our natural resources.

Industry Insights

Environmental Firm to Host Second Annual Southern Minnesota Lake Resources Conference

ISG will host the second annual Future of Southern Minnesota Lakes Conference at the Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center in Mankato, Minnesota. The conference will open on Friday evening, April 12, with a fireside chat featuring writer and host of the television show "Minnesota Bound," Ron Schara. The evening is an exclusive opportunity for conference attendees to share stories about Minnesota’s natural resources and learn from one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

Press Releases