Harmonizing technical expertise with a powerful finesse, Alex delivers electrical solutions that seamlessly integrate with all building systems.

Alex leads the ElectricalEngineering Practice Group for public sector clients ranging from counties andmunicipalities to school districts and cultural institutions. Harnessing hissense of responsibility and achiever strength, collaborates diligently acrossdisciplines, balancing power demands and electrical system placement withmechanical requirements and other building infrastructure. His leadership oftenpaves the way for clients to capitalize on energy rebates through innovativeand efficient design.

During facility assessments, Alexconducts thorough electrical system investigations to identify the age andcondition of lighting, switches, and other system components. Recognizing the sensitivenature and responsibility tied to public funds, he provides options to aid in acompetitive bidding process, keeping project processes fair and transparent.

Harmony | Responsibility | Achiever | Relator | Arranger