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tru Shrimp is more than just a standard operation. It’s a tried and tested professional company with the most predictable supply chain process in the industry. Shrimp size, feed, health, and volume remain consistent, which means investments do the same with an extreme opportunity for continued growth. ISG is working with tru Shrimp to expand its large-scale shrimp aquaculture production across Minnesota and South Dakota.


Through a partnership with Texas A&M University, tru Shrimp developed a breakthrough approach that allows the company to raise shrimp in the healthiest, safest, and most efficient way possible. A first of its kind system, tru Shrimp’s water management system needed to directly impact water quality and product levels, creating a sustainable process and operational environment. Additional Harbors would directly drive economic development
in communities across the Midwest and beyond.


ISG and trū Shrimp are working together to expand its innovative shrimp production processes in Minnesota and South Dakota through the construction and renovation of integral facilities like the Balaton Bay Reef Training Facility and the Madison Bay Harbor. The Madison Bay Harbor project will require unique engineering, environmental compliance, and design expertise for the new $50+ million shrimp production facility, which will include training space, a hatchery, and a renovation of a processing facility. ISG’s design expertise is largely focused on supporting trū Shrimp’s environmentally responsible processing, distribution, and waste management practices. Through advanced water management technology and recycling methods, the system reduces water usage, waste byproducts, and carbon footprint. Together, ISG and trū Shrimp have developed solutions to optimize equalization tanks, enhance the wastewater system design to meet more aggressive shrimp growth cycles, reduce wasted water, and maximize the reusable volume of water.

Madison, SD Visualization

The trū Shrimp Company announces its first shrimp production facility, a Harbor, in Madison, South Dakota. Check out ISG's animation of the facility in Madison's Lakeview Industrial Park.

Predictable. Sustainable. Innovative.

Step inside the heart of tru Shrimp’s innovation with unprecedented transparency into the future of the shrimp industry with a video designed by ISG's in-house videography and marketing leaders.