Northshore Camping Company Environmental Assessment Worksheet

Beaver Bay, MN | Water


ISG’s in-house environmental scientists and policy specialists provided the expertise and guidance necessary to complete an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW), resulting in approval of a Northwood’s camping destination.


Leisure Hotels and Resorts (LHR) planned a new rustic campground with amenities to provide respite for backpackers along Lake Superior Trail and create new camping opportunities along the north shore of Lake Superior, where demand is high for recreational activity and tourist lodging. Before the project could proceed into construction, an EAW was required to analyze how development of the project would impact environmental conditions within the 106.19-acre site.


Equipped with the necessary skills and experience, ISG was selected by LHR to complete the North Shore Camping Company EAW. For the assessment, ISG provided environmental, permitting, GIS, and zoning expertise. ISG also coordinated with local, state, and federal government entities in determining environmental as well as historical considerations of the site. After establishing current site conditions, ISG provided data, analysis, and maps of projected environmental impacts of the project, and offered the client recommendations to ensure minimal impact. ISG also identified all necessary permits and approvals required for site development and provided agency coordination assistance to LHR. Following completion of the EAW, ISG attended the project’s public hearing, where the detailed assessment provided the necessary approvals and conclusion that little environmental impacts are projected for the campsite. As a result, the project was approved and is slated for fall 2022 completion.

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