Cleghorn Water System Improvements

Cleghorn, IA | Water


Putting ingenuity to work for the City of Cleghorn (the City), ISG’s multi-disciplinary team provided cost-effective analysis and design for critical water solutions, while collaborating with the community on branding for the new water tower.


The City had been battling low water pressures and flows for years, affecting water quantity, quality and efficiency.


Through careful analysis and planning, the City approved the design and construction of a new 50,000 water tower to improve water quantity and efficiency. ISG modeled the water system and provided improvement recommendations to provide optimum system pressure, water quality, and flow. With the understanding that the City intended to install a water salesman to provide increased revenue for the project, ISG’s plan met design standards to avoid contamination.

ISG oversaw the construction bidding and administration process and assisted the City in securing funding through a Community Development Block Grant. Additionally, the City also took advantage of ISG’s robust toolbox of added value services, utilizing the firm’s in-house branding resources to design a new logo for the highly visible water tank.

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