Rockwell Downtown Reconstruction

Rockwell City, IA | Public Works


The Rockwell City Downtown Square Reconstruction Project revitalized the beloved and historic downtown area adjacent to the business and shopping district and completed multiple infrastructure needs within one construction project.


Local business and City leaders were concerned with the condition of downtown infrastructure, specifically water mains, streets, and sidewalks, so they sought out a multi-disciplinary design partner to revitalize the downtown area.


The Rockwell City Downtown Square Reconstruction Project included improvements and full reconstruction of four downtown blocks surrounding the historic County Courthouse square and central business district. The improvements included new utilities, roadways and sidewalks, as well as stormwater improvements, including a bioretention cell and water resource restoration enhancements.

Serving as the City’s engineer, ISG listened with intent and guided the City through a process that led to the Rockwell City Downtown Square Reconstruction Project. Decades old commercial buildings and an aging infrastructure surrounded the Calhoun County Courthouse square. The crumbling, outdated sidewalks were not ADA compliant, and business owners expressed accessibility concerns for their customers. An ISG led investigation of a sewer study included televising of the sewer collection system and revealed that water service lines to the businesses needed to be replaced. As a result, ISG collaborated with the City, County, and local businesses to address multiple infrastructure system needs, then phased the project to limit impact on business, traffic, and operations.

This project enhanced community pride and economic development for the downtown business and commercial district by providing improved waterlines, street and sidewalk conditions, and new parking areas. Public health was addressed with the replacement of antiquated lead-based waterlines. Sidewalks and a new parking lot provide greater accessibility to government offices and local businesses.

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