Rockwell Downtown Reconstruction

Rockwell City, IA | Public Works


ISG collaborated with the City of Rockwell City (the City), Calhoun County, and local businesses to address multiple infrastructure system needs, and developed a phased project schedule to limit impact on business, traffic, and operations. The firm’s multidisciplinary team coordinated the water, sanitary, and stormwater updates, in conjunction with roadway and parking reconstruction.


Local business and city leaders were concerned with the condition of downtown infrastructure, specifically the City’s aging downtown streets and sanitary sewer system. The four blocks of street on each side of the County Courthouse were beyond repair, and full replacement was recommended along with new ADA compliant sidewalks. ISG also led a sewer study investigation, which included televising of the sewer collection system, and revealed that much of the collection system and numerous sewer service lines to the businesses needed to be repaired or replaced.


To address the City’s aging sanitary sewer infrastructure, ISG recommended a substantial pipe lining project to diminish ground water infiltration into the collection system. The project included installation of cured-in-place pipe lining of over 14,000 lineal feet of sewer main and grouting of over 250 service line connections. Broken sanitary sewer mains, damaged services, and manholes were also repaired or replaced, and a bioretention cell was included to provide stormwater detention, water quality enhancements, and accents to the area. Lastly, the project also included the replacement of four blocks of street surrounding the County courthouse to improve traffic and pedestrian movement in and around the central business district.

Enhancing community pride and economic development for the downtown business and commercial district, the project provided improved waterlines, street and sidewalk conditions, and new parking areas. Public health was addressed with the replacement of antiquated lead-based waterlines, while sidewalks and a new parking lot provide greater accessibility to government offices and local businesses.

ISG assisted with permitting and provided full construction administration and oversight for the project. Water resource professionals also helped coordinate the successful award of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds as well as financial assistance through the State Revolving Fund (SRF) program. Together, both funding streams helped make the needed improvements feasible for the City, and collaboration between the County and City allowed costs to be shared while accomplishing multiple infrastructure goals.

The completed project included a public outreach event led by the City and ISG to educate the community on the City’s investment. Additionally, the City and ISG were the recipients of an Engineering Achievement Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Iowa (ACEC-IA) for a collaborative partnership in reconstruction and restoring the downtown core of Rockwell City.

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