A complex renovation of two outdated, 1950's era residence halls required an integrated approach that combined multiple disciplines to address the design challenges and resulted in several unique solutions.

The $4 Million renovation included replacement of all existing aging baseboard radiation units and hydronic feed piping. A new fire sprinkler main to the building allowed for the new areas of the facility to be connected into the system. For additional comfort to residents, connectors were added to each space for in-room air conditioning units.

Lounges and kitchen areas were updated with new finishes. Visible light was let into the corridors by allowing the natural light through the exterior windows of the lounge through new interior corridor glass. The lounge area exterior windows and structure were replaced with new curtain wall systems and reinforced steel. The interior corridors were long and dull, and were redesigned to break up the length of the corridor. The ceilings were custom framed down at different elevations, resulting in a random ceiling design that had an overall pattern. The unique ceiling design was then duplicated at other dorm updates on Campus. Additional solutions were used to address design challenges that were both cost effective and well received, resulting in the application of the features in three additional residence hall projects.


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