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Waterloo, IA | Commercial


As the City of Waterloo continues to boom with new development, ISG has moved across the Cedar River and into the Art Bloc mixed-use building. This vibrant employee-designed riverfront office provides ISG with the opportunity to make a difference within the Waterloo community, as well as prepare for growth within the firm.


Since 2018, ISG has been looking for a new workspace to call home in Waterloo, Iowa. The previous office no longer met ISG goals and employee needs, as the office was split between four floors, limiting collaboration, inclusivity, and a welcoming environment. The Art Bloc, a mixed-use building in the heart of downtown Waterloo, provided ISG with the opportunity to design a new, single level, 7,400 sq. ft. office space. Here, ISG can recenter, grow as an office, and provide new opportunities to the public, as the area continues massive revitalization efforts and development.


Unlike other projects ISG has done, this is uniquely opportunistic in that the firm designed a space for themselves. ISG architects, interior designers, engineers, and others helped bring the new office to life. Designers were heavily involved in the process as the original design of the second floor was intended for a restaurant, cafe, or apartments, and not necessarily an office space. They designed a more open and inclusive space for ISG employees, fitting 34 people on one floor, as the old office was separated by different floors. This space offers opportunities for employees outside of Waterloo to visit, as well as potential for growth.

The Waterloo office space offers several new design, employee, and community amenities. The vast majority of the building has full height windows which allows in natural daylight and a great view of downtown Waterloo. The office also includes an open kitchen that faces a private patio by the Cedar River, and smaller conference rooms, called enclaves. A NanaWall, a large retractable glass storefront, which opens the large collaboration kitchen up to the patio, and provides a large hospitality space, while connecting ISG to the amphitheater and Art Bloc community.

ISG’s information technology (IT) team has greatly contributed to the design and processes for security and access. IT has worked with the building owner to establish solutions for safe access to the shared spaces through the elevator and entryway for employees and apartment residents. ISG will also open its doors to the public as well. Community members will soon be able to reserve a conference room through contact with ISG. A large conference room was designed to facilitate public access and used to include the Waterloo community in ISG innovation.

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