Cedar Creek Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Lohrville, IA | Water


ISG was enlisted to support preservation and conservation efforts for a private landowner with goals of enhancing his property for recreational hunting and fishing.


A private landowner in Calhoun County, Iowa, acquired a parcel of land that was challenging to access with farm equipment and had previously been used for cattle grazing. An avid sportsman, he wanted to develop the site into a fishing pond and recreational hunting area for he and his family.


Planning and field verification were involved to provide information to develop enhancement recommendations for the site. A site survey and tile investigation were completed to verify location, size, and grade of the Drainage District Main Tile that was modified to outlet into the proposed pond. ISG coordinated the permitting process to obtain approvals from the Board of Supervisors to modify the drainage tile to support the pond construction.

ISG water resource engineers and landscape architects developed a Wildlife Habitat Enhancements Report for the landowner with a detailed conceptual site overview plan outlining proposed improvements, breakdown of costs, and additional resources to consider for encouraging wildlife habitation.

Implementation on the recommendations began with the removal of overgrown debris, an oxbow restoration, and excavation and construction of the fishing pond. The next phase of work will include implementing a planting palette with native trees and shrubs for wildlife habitat and property improvements, and structural enhancements such as a bridge that would support all-terrain vehicles.

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