Belmond Pool Improvements – Climbing Walls

Belmond, IA | Sports + Recreation


Through coordination with the City of Belmond, Pool Improvement Committee, and the Iowa Health Department, ISG assisted in the installation of the second climbing wall at a public pool in Iowa.


A passionate group of volunteers spent several years raising funds to add amenities and improvements to the Luick Memorial Pool. Through a generous donation, the group prepared to add two climbing walls to the deep area of the pool.


Swimming pool climbing walls offer a safe, fun alternative to slides and diving boards. However, to ensure swimmer safety and meet the requirements of the Iowa Health Department, ISG engineers were enlisted to review the impact of the climbing wall on the operation of other features in the deep area of the pool within the design, including intended queuing areas for each of the features and path of entry and egress from each feature.

To begin the design process, the Sports and Rec team provided volunteer members of the Pool Improvement Committee with precedent imagery of varying types of climbing wall designs and manufacturers. The team assisted in the research and identification of an appropriate climbing wall manufacturer for the size and scale of the pool. Two climbing walls were chosen, a smaller wall at 78” tall and a larger wall at 117” tall. Plans and specifications to modify the pool deck per the manufacturers recommendations were provided, and a final inspection was conducted once both walls were installed on the east side of the pool in the 11-foot depth.

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