Solutions Focused.


Responsive. Eager. Ingenious. Accountable. Creative.


We are focused on strengths, using those talents to guide personal development and team collaboration. We are involved in our communities and manage through empowerment. Firm growth is a direct reflection of the dedication, ingenuity, and hard work each ISG employee owner brings to the office and field every day.


ISG's growth and sustainability are based on the unwavering belief that we need to grow for the betterment of our people and firm. We are entrepreneurial. We believe in having the right people on board and being disciplined during good times and when faced with new challenges. And most importantly, we foster growth through positive mentorship and progressive ideas that lead to strategic, contextual based decisions. We believe that this unwavering commitment to our culture, clients, and dynamic qualities translates to better services for our partners, and that it will continue to guide ISG’s future.


Clients will follow talent, and talent fuels our growth. While capacity is always an issue for a growing firm, ISG has managed to maintain a high-caliber professional team with standards that go well beyond the norm. This commitment to cultivating top talent and refusal to accept mediocrity has been instilled in our culture and yields clients who are loyal to the brand—the ISG experience.

"It’s great to work for a firm that has allowed me to grow and further develop my career. The willingness of leaders to not only listen to my suggestions, but take action regarding those suggestions is outstanding.”

All-In Mentality

Broadening employee ownership and providing an opportunity to feel directly connected to performance through a 100% ESOP structure is a strategic tool in amplifying ISG's culture of accountability, empowerment, and opportunism. View our video and learn more about ISG's limitless potential and "all-in" mentality.