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Home to a hidden snack cabinet with an honor pay system for those who know the secret location. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life.

In The Community

Meet ISG Civil Engineer Caleb Rasmussen

ISG’s Caleb Rasmussen is a steward for conservation through his role as a civil engineer. Focusing on surface water, Caleb works on the unique waterways of the Midwest to improve water quality and wildlife. Even though he spends much of his time outside while on the job, you can still find him enjoying the outdoors working with his livestock or spending time with his family.

Employee Owners

Collaboration Opportunity Breaks Work Silos and Unifies Teams

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals are not only passionate about the projects they are assigned to, but also their specific field of work. While individuals may focus on the work in front of them and their design or engineering, understanding how their decisions affect team members’ work is critical for the projects’ and ISG’s success.

Industry Insights

Iowa State University Foundation recognizes ISG’s Chad and Tara Surprenant as recipients of the 2022 Emerging Philanthropist Award

The 2022 Emerging Philanthropist Award was presented to Chad and Tara Surprenant for their generosity in supporting Iowa State University and its community. The Iowa State University Foundation recognizes individuals or couples under 50 years of age who have supported the Foundation and Iowa State University through philanthropic and creative leadership.

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Featured Projects

No matter the project, we are here for it. Our partnerships and client relationships are a testament to the projects we have designed with our clients. Take a look!

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We are always up for a challenge! Reach out to ISG to start a discussion and experience the difference our all-in mentality brings to your next project.