Watertown, SD

Terex Utilities Watertown Plant

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Terex Utilities Watertown Plant

Aiming to optimize efficiency and prepare for growth, Terex Utilities partnered with ISG to complete a review of their operations and a multi-state location evaluation that culminated in a new 415,000-square-foot facility on 80 acres. Our team designed a centralized resin, hardener, compressed air, and oil delivery system. Humidity control and dust collection systems were provided within Terex’s unique fiberglass operations area. The new facility addresses security with a single point of entry for all employees and streamlines processes by consolidating numerous operations onto one site, including the company’s research and development activities.

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Awarded ENR Mountain States Best Projects 2020 +

  • Truck testing track to simulate real-world conditions, including slopes and 100-foot boom clearance
  • Lean manufacturing principles for material handling aisleways in assembly areas
  • Syphonic roof drain system to minimize roof slope interference with overhead bridge cranes
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