Jackson County, MN

South Heron Lake Watershed Planning

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South Heron Lake Watershed Planning

To address phosphorus impairment in South Heron Lake and ensure sufficient storage in the watershed system, the Heron Lake Watershed District (HLWD) sought water resource management solutions and funding support. Our in-house water resource experts developed a multipurpose drainage management plan, and grant specialists identified funding support totaling $1.4 million to meet water quality goals. Clear communication garnered support, inspiring landowners to invest in water storage, thereby reducing nutrients and sediment entering the lake and mitigating flooding impacts.

  • 472 square miles
  • 10-acre wetland restoration
  • 11 water and sediment control basins
  • 2,372 pounds of annual phosphorus reduction
  • Enhanced vegetative and wildlife habitat
  • EPA 319 Grant, Small Watershed Focus Grant, and Department of Natural Resources Conservation Partners Grant
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