Printpack Facility - Equipment Install + Office Remodel

Elgin, IL | Food + Industrial


Printpack, a leader in flexible plastic packaging, partnered with ISG for professional design and construction phase services that guided remodeling and equipment installation efforts in a newly acquired facility that expanded the company’s manufacturing and office presence to Elgin, Illinois.


After purchasing a facility to increase their capacity and meet market demands, Printpack required professional design and construction services to alter the existing facility to reach corporate standards and operational needs. With various installation and remodeling goals and knowing that the facility would need to remain operational throughout the process, Printpack sought a trusted, capable, and responsive design partner to carry out development.


Eager to assist the familiar client, ISG’s in-house team of designers teamed up with Miron Construction to complete various programming, design, and construction support services. During the preliminary programming phases of the project, ISG performed utility studies of capacities for new equipment installations to ensure maximum acceptance. Because work was completed within an operational facility, and the available information was not consistent with as-built drawings, this process proved to be among the biggest challenges of the project. ISG overcame these special constraints by maintaining consistent, responsive communication with the Construction Manager and by conducting a thorough assessment to determine existing site conditions and planned programming. In site assessment, ISG performed 3D scans of the facility interior, covering the existing office area, multiple interior mezzanines, production areas, warehouse areas, shipping/receiving areas, and auxiliary interior areas. To best facilitate the development of each of the project’s determined installation and remodeling requirements, ISG implemented a careful design process that involved breaking up the project into four and a half phases.

The first phase of the project involved installation of an oxidizer and an oxidizer pad for existing packaging presses, installation of a base for a new printing press, and creating utility connections for new equipment. In the second phase of the project, a hot oil heating system was added outside of the current building to help generate utility consumption for Printpack's printing presses. Phase three involved installation of a new printing press and the addition of new storage space. The fourth phase comprised of the addition of new employee welfare spaces, which included a breakroom and office space as well as bathroom and locker room updates. After nearly three years of development, the project concluded with redoing the existing finishes in the facility’s front office area.

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