Pipestone Area Schools

Pipestone, MN | Education


Pipestone Area Schools focused on enhancing academic performance with facility design as a means for improvement. Facilities assessments, referendum planning, and design upgrades led to efficiencies and better outcomes.


Pipestone Area Schools addressed facility deficiencies in technology integration and learning spaces to enhance efforts to improve math and reading performance, ACT scores, and graduation rates.


To design learning spaces that would positively impact test scores and graduation rates for Pipestone Area Schools students, ISG assessed existing facility conditions throughout the District. This comprehensive assessment analyzed technology, security, space needs, and educational adequacy. Results showed significant opportunities for providing more flexible learning spaces, reducing District-wide maintenance needs by condensing schools onto one campus, improving fitness amenities, and increasing safety with secure entrances. Working closely with school stakeholders and the community, ISG developed informative digital and print resources such as visualization renderings, brochures, and flyers with answers to frequently asked questions to communicate existing conditions and explain how facility improvements would address student educational needs. A successful bond referendum passed, funded the District with $26.8 million for a new elementary school and $930,000 for safety and security upgrades at the middle and high schools.

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