North Mankato, MN

North Mankato Indoor Recreation Center

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North Mankato Indoor Recreation Center

The City of North Mankato’s Caswell Sports division continues to build athletic infrastructure and amenities to create a recreation destination for youth and adult sports in south central Minnesota. To assist, ISG designed a 125,000-square-foot building with multiple tennis courts that can accommodate university-level tournaments and include court lines for recreational pickleball. Retractable nets and curtains allow for easy reconfiguration of the basketball and volleyball courts into quadrants or halves.

The venue was designed to attract large events and tournaments and includes hospitality amenities for local and visiting teams. The building’s center spine includes a spacious lobby and reception area, kitchens pace for a future café, team breakout spaces, restrooms, shower/changing rooms, and an elevated viewing area for spectators on the second level. This new facility solidifies the City’s commitment to providing top-tier athletic infrastructure for the community.

  • Six to eight tennis courts designed to U.S. Tennis Association standards
  • Eight basketball and volleyball courts
  • Flexible seating through tiered bleachers
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