Martin County Ditch No. 29/Judicial Ditch No. 367

Martin County, MN | Water


ISG is a dedicated partner with Martin County, providing comprehensive planning efforts and stakeholder engagement for multiple projects throughout the county


Martin County Ditch (CD) 29 drains into Judicial Ditch (JD) 367, a gently rolling watershed topography. ISG had the opportunity to provide analysis, permit review, and design services for the public drainage system which was drastically undersized for current standards and production practices. Designs replaced existing tile to achieve a higher drainage coefficient and improve downstream system effects. A new storage pond was connected to an existing wetland basin that provided storage, water quality treatment, and wildlife habitat while also protecting downstream farmland and lakes.


In 2000, ISG developed plans and specifications to improve a portion of JD 367 that serves as a connection between wetlands and lakes in several places, and in 2012, landowners requested the ditch be cleaned through wetland areas. ISG partnered with the MN Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR), Martin County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), and the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) to reroute the ditch in areas to preserve wetland and provide easier access to the ditch for future maintenance.

ISG also replaced the I00 year-old tile in the CD 29 system and implemented a 34-acre storage/wetland complex in JD 367 to protect downstream natural resources and lower areas from flooding. The new tile achieves a higher drainage coefficient and improves crop productivity throughout the watershed. The new storage pond connects the existing wetland basin and provides storage, water quality treatment, and preserves the wildlife habitat while also protecting downstream farmland and lakes. The storage area was designed as 75% pond with the remainder being a wetland enhancement, increasing the drainage coefficient while decreasing the outlet capacity of the system. The wetland enhancement portion of the basin was constructed on land which the State of Minnesota purchased, and conservation easement was obtained through the Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) Reserve program. ISG worked with the BWSR to incorporate the wetland enhancement into the storage design.

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