Faribault County, MN

Loren Benz Wetland Restoration

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Loren Benz Wetland Restoration

Through a historical records search, a private landowner discovered that his property had been drained of a lake for crop production. To restore the basin to a wetland and receive wetland banking credits, the landowner partnered with ISG to provide restoration design. Plans included a 90+ acre wetland basin to aid in water flow control and flood mitigation and a 60-acre upland prairie, enhancing water quality and reintroducing nesting habitat for migratory waterfowl.

The results yielded ecological benefits for the watershed, enhanced the functional aspects of the public ditch system, and resulted in financial gains for the landowner.

  • 106.1 wetland credits
  • Water quality improvements by filtering pollutants and trapping sediments
  • Restored water retention via storage and flooding attenuation
  • Local, state, and federal agency coordination
  • Hydrologic and hydrologic analysis
  • Post-construction monitoring

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