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Having over 30 owned locations and 24 leased sites, Compeer reached out for an analysis of its existing facilities and locations. ISG assisted Compeer in a plan to enhance client and staff experiences and budget for their facilities over the next 10 years.


After a period of significant expansion and acquisitions, Compeer needed an assessment of its locations and facilities. Many of these recently acquired locations were unfamiliar to Compeer leadership, leading to Compeer’s lack of knowledge on these new branches. To maximize each facilities assessment, ISG guided Compeer through a methodology. This would rank both facilities and locations, resulting in a system that considered important factors that impact the institutions clients, employees, and business as a whole.


The ISG team visited all 28 of Compeer’s owned sites, providing a thorough facility assessment of each with site evaluations, interior and exterior architectural conditions, along with accessibility and life conditions. These assessments also included factors of each facilities’ state, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

A report of findings and recommendations was developed for each site, complete with an analysis of existing conditions, photographic documentation, prioritized recommendations, and cost estimates. ISG developed an executive summary report with side-by-side comparisons and facility rankings. This summary was based on Compeer’s priorities and created a capital improvement plan for each facility over the next 10 years.

Expanding on the facility assessment, ISG developed a simultaneous assessment of existing owned and leased locations based on a Compeer-determined list of priorities, which included two categories for the client and employee experience. A set of client metrics helped identify agricultural industry health, client connections, population metrics, internet access, proximity of related agricultural businesses, commerce, and customer loyalty. Along with this, a set of employee metrics helped identify the strength of the area workforce, staff workspace, employee commute times, quality of K-12 education, and access to childcare.

The use of combined results of both the facility and location assessments allows Compeer to make future decisions, based on data-driven metrics, that will serve the best interest of their clients, employees, and business. To showcase the results, a web-based story map was created with secure access and interactive use of the report findings, and maps of the area with 360-degree photos, charts, and comparisons.

Compeer requested additional services from ISG through Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping with ESRI software. This helped identify key cities for potential future locations, continuing their expansions as the institution grows. Based on 17 Compeer-directed variables, ISG’s analysis filtered an expansive list of 29,000 possible cities in order to pinpoint two ideal locations for future facilities. Going forward in future settings, this secure and interactive data is available for Compeer.

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