Eagle Lake, MN

City of Eagle Lake Drainage Study

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City of Eagle Lake Drainage Study

Nestled in a diverse watershed blending rural and urban landscapes, the City of Eagle Lake suffered recurrent damage from creek-related flooding, impacting homes, infrastructure, and the local sports complex. Leveraging cutting-edge software, ISG developed a XPSWMM model of the city, spanning 1,000 rural and 500 urban acres. This study visualized overland flow during storms, evaluated pipe capacity, and pinpointed retention opportunities for water quality enhancement and flow control. Offering prioritized solutions and cost estimates, this drainage study equips the City to tackle urban flooding and strategize for future resilience, benefiting private landholders and public spaces.

  • 1,000 rural acres and 500 urban acres
  • Phased flood control plan
  • XPSWMM model and analysis of rural and urban drainage concerns
  • Pipe capacity evaluation
  • Stormwater retention for improved water quality

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