Lake Crystal, MN

Blue Earth County Ditch No. 56

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Blue Earth County Ditch No. 56

County Ditch No. 56 in Blue Earth County posed environmental concerns due to agricultural and residential runoff affecting Crystal Lake and surrounding water bodies. ISG collaborated with stakeholders to develop an inventory of repairs and a Multipurpose Drainage Management (MDM) plan to restore the open ditch system. Our team surveyed the area and identified flow blockages that reduced water capacity.

Recommended repairs, cost estimates, and the MDM provided to the County focused on sediment control, water storage, nutrient management, soil health, and increased capacity for the ditch system. A phosphorus removal system was installed at the Crystal Lake outlet, reducing phosphorus by 95% and mitigating algae blooms.

  • 9-mile open ditch and 9,300-acre farmland
  • First phosphorus removal system in Minnesota 
  • Detailed MDM to secure grant funding

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