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The large, international grocery store chain ALDI has encountered significant recent growth, opening approximately 80 new stores a year. Since 2005, ALDI has partnered with ISG on projects that improve current stores and create new ones nationwide.


Over the last several years, ALDI has grown significantly, adding approximately 80 new stores each year—each requiring a design partner that can ensure designs fit the corporate brand strategy and sustainability goals.


Regardless of the project, ISG works closely with ALDI and local personnel for successful project completion. All designs are created in accordance with the ALDI store prototype to maintain uniformity between locations. A model of efficiency, ALDI eliminates overhead costs by implementing smart corporate design practices in many of their stores, such as having a smaller store footprint and high ceilings. These elements are integrated into design plans at the start of projects. Frequent meetings and conference calls promote communication that ensures design plans will exceed expectations and follow appropriate branding images and local standards. This is especially important when drawing up Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans or facility layout. The usage of energy-saving refrigeration and lightbulbs, environmentally-friendly building materials, and natural light encourages sustainability and comes with the additional benefit of cutting down maintenance costs.

One of the most common projects is opening up a new location in the Midwest Region. During this process, six different tasks are organized. First, site planning and investigation are conducted. Environmental assessments, ALTA/NSPS land title surveys, and geotechnical coordination are some of the preliminary work needed to achieve an accurate picture of the proposed site. The second tier of tasks creates construction documents that involve plans for paving, landscaping, lighting, and demolition. Reports for site grading, traffic control, and stormwater management are key in providing a functioning workplace that facilitates and maintains facility usage. The third and fourth tasks finalize proposals with City Officials for local and national permitting as construction staking begins. The fifth and sixth tasks take care of offsite coordination, application fees, and any additional services that may be required. Each stage ensures that opening facilities are equipped to serve employee needs and maximize productivity.


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