Lake Norden, SD | Food + Industrial


ISG worked with Agropur on an expansion to its Lake Norden cheese plant that needed to be able to integrate new equipment.


Agropur invested heavily in its dairy production in South Dakota, which required a significant expansion at its Lake Norden plant.


Having worked with prior and current owners of the Lake Norden cheese plant, ISG had a deep understanding of its daily operations. The team applied this knowledge to the development and execution of Agropur’s 45,000-square-foot expansion to the Lake Norden facility—an increased production from 3.3 million pounds of milk a day to 9.3 million. The project team designed new water utilities to serve and route around the new building pre-stressed concrete, masonry and steel structure. This multi-level expansion integrated a vertical equipment lift and spray dryer tower, and the space was designed to house bagging, packaging, washing, processing, and warehousing functions. Additionally, ISG designed the HVAC and plumbing systems for all of the spaces. ISG worked closely with Agropur throughout the duration of the project to accommodate the chosen equipment, design roof support and access, and ensure hoisting supporting within the building structure.

"If you want an example of the right way to build a multi-million-dollar cheese plant, look no further than the partnership created among Agropur, the State of South Dakota, and Lake Norden."

- Dennis Daugaard, Former Governor of South Dakota

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