Wright County, MN

12-Mile Creek Watershed Plan/Wright County Ditch No. 10

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12-Mile Creek Watershed Plan/Wright County Ditch No. 10

The rehabilitation of Wright County Ditch No. 10, a rural drainage system, provided the opportunity to develop a comprehensive watershed plan for the 12-Mile Creek Watershed, improving surrounding water sources. ISG performed an inventory and developed a Multipurpose Drainage Management (MDM) Plan for the 17,000-acre watershed.

Using a variety of tools and methods, our team collected data for drainage capacities, potential storage, and treatment areas to calculate nutrient, sediment, and pollutant reductions. The MDM aided in the award of grant funding to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs), improving downstream water quality.

  • BMPs including alternative side inlets, buffer strips, and upland practices
  • Alternative options review using InfoWorks ICM
  • Applied technology including drone footage, Lidar, and Esri ArcMap

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