South Dakota and ISG – A winning strategy for unlimited growth

Chad Surprenant, PE
Chief Strategy Officer
April 26, 2021

South Dakota has proven to be fertile ground for the ingenuity and innovation of ISG.

As we commemorate the history, culture, and spirit of South Dakota on National South Dakota Day, ISG celebrates the decision to put down roots in South Dakota and credits rapid progress to the unlimited growth potential of one of the fastest growing states in America.

Rapid Growth in a Short Time

Recognized by businesses for having less red tape and lower taxes, South Dakota is one of the best states to run a business.

ISG had been contemplating a strategic expansion to South Dakota for several years and made the move in 2018, in large part, because of the positive business climate and the unlimited opportunities it offers. The firm opened its South Dakota location in Sioux Falls with three employees. Since then, ISG Sioux Falls has grown to house 18 employee owners, with anticipated growth to 50-75 professionals within the coming years. Boasting a lower cost of living, favorable tax structure for personal income, and some of the most stunning natural wonders in the world, ISG has attracted highly skilled and talented professionals to its Sioux Falls team.

The firm is tapping into its unlimited growth potential by teaming up with new clients and communities and building a dynamic team of South Dakota professionals.

Accelerating Growth Through Innovative Services

South Dakota supports a diverse business community that drives economic development through agriculture, manufacturing, financial services, and tourism.

Passionate about the state’s success and determined to see South Dakota fulfill its greatest potential, ISG has brought all 12 business units and multi-disciplinary professional to its Sioux Falls operations. From food processing and water resources to government facilities and community parks, ISG is tapping into new growth opportunities through thoughtful, strategic, and bold vision.

Go-To Resource for Community Planning

Communities of all sizes are enlisting ISG as their trusted resource for community planning.

From downtown revitalization plans of rural communities such as De Smet, Madison, and Hartford to the facilitation of the Aspen Park Master Plan for the City of Brandon, ISG strategizes designs that fully encompass the vision of the people and propel cities forward. Through long-range plans that serve as road maps for decision-making, ISG is helping position South Dakota for the type of growth its cities and businesses want to see.

Creating a Sense of Place

Looking beyond what is typical, ISG empowers South Dakota’s economy through premiere destinations that can only be found in the Sunshine State.

Expanding on their current investment of land and built infrastructure, ISG is currently working with the owners of the Sanford Sports Complex with master planning of a 500+ acre destination sports wonder. ISG is currently designing the next phase, a 170-acre fields complex of flexible event space, 18 synthetic turf ball fields, multi-use trails, parking and roadway infrastructure, and player and spectator amenities. Designed to enhance the game day experience for spectators through special features such as bermed seating, spectator viewing areas within the ballfields, play and splash pad areas, shade structures, and a native prairie theme throughout, this destination sports complex is set to deliver a new standard of play and further elevate the region.

Leveraging a major highway bridge reconstruction project, Fort Pierre is creating must-see attraction along the Missouri River.

The Fort Pierre Riverfront Visioning Master Plan led to the implementation of the Missouri River Bridge Plaza/Highway 83 Corridor project. Signature features of the Bridge Plaza are the observation pier, which cantilevers over the river’s edge and custom military insignia inset into the pavers to honor Lieutenant Commander John Waldron, the Bridge’s namesake. The riverfront development offers social gathering and recreation, reflects the character and history of the City, and will be a catalyst for future economic development.

Inspiring Sustainability Practices

ISG is an emerging leader in the region for sustainability practices.

By taking a full-circle approach to integrating sustainable design in each project, ISG encourages clients to think beyond simply “being green” during design and construction. Invited to participate in the Big Sioux River Water Summit in Sioux Falls the last two years, the firm is educating communities about ways to reduce their environmental footprint, generate revenue, and plan for new and exciting economic development opportunities.

In partnership with the City of Sioux Falls, ISG is designing forward-looking solutions for its Green Infrastructure Initiative. Projects include localized flood mitigation solutions and pilot projects aimed at demonstrating to the community and developers creative ways to integrate green infrastructure into designs—reducing stormwater runoff, improving water quality, and promoting urban sustainability.

To celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness about water quality, water sources, and recreation our staff recently organized Big Sioux Brew in collaboration with Friends of the Big Sioux River. ISG pumped 300 gallons of surface water from the Big Sioux River, known for high levels of suspended solids and E. Coli, for local brewer Remedy Brewing, to create a German-style beer for the event. ISG engineered and lent a reverse osmosis system to clean the water for the beer making process.With a focus on sustainability, ISG is maximizing the impact of design and building a foundation for something bigger and bolder for the future of South Dakota communities and businesses.

Building Relationships + Legacy

The most valuable component of our expansion to South Dakota is the relationships we are building along the way. As a relationship-based firm our focus is on developing meaningful connections with the communities we live, work, and play in to make the world around us a better place. We don’t simply support improvement efforts from afar—we take personal responsibility, roll up our sleeves, and jump in.

National South Dakota Day is a great time to reflect on the growth of the state. South Dakota is not a static environment, and neither is ISG—we are both in growth mode. Together, we are passionately designing and shaping the future of the state, and the possibilities are endless.

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Chad Surprenant, PE
Chief Strategy Officer
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Chad Surprenant, PE

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