The Cherapa Place development is underway! The $225 million development site is located along the East Bank of the Big Sioux River in downtown Sioux Falls. There will be a total of three new multi-use buildings constructed that will host retail, restaurants, bars, gyms, luxury housing as well as new office space. The Bancorp, Eide Bailly, ISG, and MarketBeat are excited Sioux Falls businesses already committed as tenants in The Bancorp Building at Cherapa Place.

THE PLACE for dinners that go on for hours with great food and conversation.

THE PLACE for your favorite coffee drink.

THE PLACE you find that shirt for the event you have on Thursday.

THE PLACE you cozy up to your kids around a firepit.

THE PLACE you close the biggest deal of your career.

THE PLACE you lose cornhole for the fourth time in a row.

THE PLACE you make your favorite spaghetti recipe for your family.

THE PLACE you sit on a patio with your furry friend.