Ankeny, IA

High Trestle Trail

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High Trestle Trail

Leveraging existing trails as a catalyst for investment, a bicycle tourism and economic development strategy was created to drive trade and traffic to Ankeny’s historic downtown. The plan transforms a 0.5-mile trail section, encompassing over 10 acres of the High Trestle Trail. Detouring off the main trail, users on the glow-in-the-dark trail encounter public art prairie animals, a nature playscape, and a rolling trail stroller coaster.

The landscape design focuses on native prairie restoration and natural theme mixed with diverse programming and nonmotorized modes of recreation and transportation for all ages and mobilities.

  • Interactive and immersive park experience
  • Supports range of non-motorized modes of mobility
  • Public art components
  • Connection within larger trail system
  • Linear urban greenspace design

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