Paper + Conversion


Intentional design that puts the paper and conversion process first yielding efficiency, reduced labor, and operational cost savings.
Processes focused on equipment and operations backed by designs that support employee retention and the future.
Minimal downtime, maximum productivity, growth, and brand recognition.


Water/Wastewater/ Water Resource Recovery Facilities | ASRS | Traditional Warehouse, Medium Voltage Substation and Power Distribution Design | Combined Heat +Power and Boiler Facilities | Rail Spur + Extension | Pipe Stress Analysis | Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Studies and Training | Structural Component + Crane Analysis | Predominant Use + Energy Reduction Studies | Equipment Condition + State of Maintenance Studies | Controls Engineering |

Facilities + Stormwater Management | Pro Formas + Cost Control | Data Collection - 3D Scanning, GIS, Survey, and Drone| Site Due Diligence| Transportation + Distribution | Ventilation + MEP 
| Facility Assessments+ Space Programming | Master + Site Planning |Engineering + Arc Flash | Environmental, Compliance, and Permitting | Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture |

Community Relations | Economic Development, Workforce Retention, and Employee Welfare Support | Safety + Security Support| Sustainability + LEED | ADA + Universal Use |

Paper + Conversion Projects