The City of Cherokee hired ISG to conduct an investigation of the improvements needed to update the South Cherokee Lift Station-which was approximately 40 years old and deficient on several items with respect to IDNR design standards-and the Beech Street Lift Station which had experienced several instances where the sewage pumps clogged with incoming debris.

The existing South Cherokee Lift Station served several businesses and since the concrete structure was in good condition it didn't require replacement. Instead, it was retrofitted with a new cover and fiberglass cab-over system to house the lift station valves. New piping, trash baskets, and a duplex pump system that produces the minimum scouring velocity were installed along with a new hoist to facilitate removal and maintenance of the pumps. New controls were also installed with an audible, visual and remote alarm to alert operators of potential problems. In addition, a transfer switch and connection receptacle to connect a portable generator was installed for stand-by power during emergency conditions.

Since the Beech Street Lift Station had experienced clogging due to incoming debris, ISG collaborated with City staff and evaluated a variety of sewage grinders. The lift station was then retrofitted with a single shaft sewage grinder. As a result of the improvements, the City was able to significantly increase the useful life of these lift stations. Keeping the existing lift stations in place resulted in additional cost savings and reduced the time the lift stations were out of service.


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