Prestage Foods of Iowa

Eagle Grove, IA | Water


ISG planned, designed, and coordinated permitting for a water supply, treatment, and wastewater pretreatment system, serving the needs of both the City of Eagle Grove (the City) and Prestage Foods of Iowa hog processing facility.


The City of Eagle Grove and Prestage Foods needed a solution to provide operational and drinking water, as well as discharge wastewater, from Prestage Foods new hog processing facility.


Working with multiple stakeholders, ISG designed and engineered water system solutions with diligence and determination to ensure that the City’s needs and operational goals of Prestage Foods were met with precision and in a timely manner. ISG’s water solutions experts started with the design of two wells to both alternate and run simultaneously to meet demand. With the wells being situated within the Jordan Aquifer, aquifer modeling was completed to ensure pumping water levels did not exceed Tier 2 and Tier 3 pumping water elevations. ISG is presently monitoring area wells in Webster City, Iowa for impact on large withdrawal rates.

The wells serve a 1.4 million gallons per day (MGD) reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant designed by ISG. Water from the plant is used for domestic and industrial purposes with strict requirements for manufacturing and drinking water quality standards. Pretreatment of the wastewater generated is completed by Prestage Foods and then treated by the City of Eagle Grove.

ISG engineered a two-stage Dissolved Air Floatation device (DAF) to allow the wastewater to flow into anaerobic lagoons. With the system designed to accommodate a two-phased approach, Prestage Foods currently uses two lagoons and will increase to four as production grows. Additionally, gases from the lagoons are gathered using a biogas recovery system and sent to a boiler to heat the industrial portion of the Prestage facility, resulting in cost savings.

To treat the domestic and industrial loadings, ISG’s water solutions team designed and constructed a water reclamation facility where water is sent by lift station and six miles of forcemain to the City of Eagle Grove. There, an oxidation ditch treats the industrial and domestic loadings for effluent. Since startup, an additional facility and industrial park have connected to the ISG designed lift station and wastewater is again treated at the City of Eagle Grove.

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