By recommending that the softening process be converted to an ion exchange system allowed for a reduction in operator attention and eliminated the presence of dust throughout the plant. The process still utilizes all of the existing filter system and piping, with only the addition of a new ion exchange water softening system, and chemical feed pumps.

The holding basin formerly used for solids contact in the lime sludge process was converted to a detention tank following the existing aerator. Chemical feed equipment was added to introduce potassium permanganate for additional and more rapid oxidation of iron. Three pressure ion exchange vessels were added and finally, the entire inside of the plant was sand blasted and painted. The antiquated elevated water tower was replaced with a new modern tower.

The newly renovated plant operates extremely well providing softened water with less maintenance and operator attention required. The new water tower eliminated an eyesore from the Lohrville skyline and has resulted in lowered operating and maintenance costs.


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