Lohrville Water Resource Restoration

Lohrville, IA | Public Works


ISG designed wastewater treatment infrastructure that the City could afford to implement through the strategic acquisition of funding resources.


The City of Lohrville’s wastewater treatment facilities were unable to meet updated regulatory requirements for more stringent water quality standards. In addition to the new regulations, the wastewater collection system showed evidence of severe deterioration and overwhelming storm water infiltration during and after rainfall events. The cost of rehabilitating the sanitary sewer exceeded the benefits, even with funding assistance.


The City hired ISG to assist with finding a solution to the problem. ISG recommended constructing a new, 3-cell controlled discharge lagoon to aid in meeting water quality regulations. The new lagoon system needed to be much larger since the existing gravity collection system was in such disrepair with prevalent infiltration and numerous cross connections with storm drains, roof drains, and foundation drains. ISG proposed utilizing a low pressure Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) system that included installing septic tanks and effluent pumps at each building and a small diameter force main to convey wastewater to the lagoon treatment system.

Since Lohrville had no storm sewer infrastructure, one of the biggest advantages to installing the new STEP system is that the existing gravity sewer could be re-utilized and converted into a storm sewer. This resulted in significant cost savings since the City was able to construct a much smaller lagoon system.

The City was awarded Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for the project, and was also awarded a 30% forgivable loan from the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Clean Water program. In addition, Lohrville also qualified for funding under the inaugural SRF Water Resource Restoration program, which allowed for the design and construction of low impact development stormwater infrastructure to help preserve water quality while addressing flooding issues.

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