The City of Goldfield was operating on one (1) primary well with one (1) back-up well in poor condition that was in need of abandonment. ISG assisted the City in site location by review of

existing geology and surrounding well logs. This area’s shallow aquifers had been impacted greatly by a nearby ethanol plant, so a deeper well was deemed necessary to ensure adequate volume. Through review and assistance by the Iowa Geological Survey Bureau, ISG was able to propose a location close to the existing water treatment facility to decrease costs in a raw water transmission line but ensure no impacts to the remaining City well during construction or use. Additionally, well separation requirements from IAC 567.43 were difficult to meet due to the downtown infrastructure. A cost/benefit analysis was run to ensure the cost of remediating the obstacles within the separation requirements outweighed the cost to drill the well further away. Reverse circulation/dual-rotary was deemed necessary as a construction method to ensure drilling fluids would not reach the remaining City well.


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