Cecil Depeau Bay Shore Park +
Harbor Master Plan

Why this Project, and Why Now?

The current harbor has a capacity of 12-14 boats, limited water access for shore use, congested launch lanes, little waterfront pedestrian/green areas and buffers, and an inaccessible breakwater. This project will remedy as many of those constraints as possible with a focus on accessibility and safety.

What Else is Being Discussed?

The western portion (non-campground) of the park will be master planned for features identified in Brown County’s Outdoor Recreation Plan 2017-2022. Parking on the upland and harbor levels will be evaluated, and portions may be reconstructed to better serve park uses and increase accessibility.

Who Makes Park Decisions?

Park uses are guided by public feedback and a holistic system analysis as documented in Brown County’s Outdoor Recreation Plan 2017-2022 (CORP). This plan will be accountable to recommendations made in the CORP, with an opportunity for consultation with the public throughout the project process. Park plans will also seek approval from the County Board and various jurisdictional entities including the Wisconsin DNR, Corp of Engineers, Coast Guard and others as required.

Where is Cecil DePeau Bay Shore Park?

The park is located approximately 15 miles northeast of Bay Beach/Green Bay on Highway 57.

Where Can I Learn More?

Project information and updates will be shared on the Brown County Parks website. Search under "Quicklinks".

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